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Wallingford, CT
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T.O.P.S. - The Outreach Program for Soccer

The W.Y.S.L. and Wallingford Parks & Recreation
T.O.P. Soccer Program Winter/Spring 2012
Coach Bill Fallon
Home Phone: 203-269-9173
Weather Cancellation Notices: 203-284-9082

 TOPS stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer is  designed for children ages 5 and up through age 18 and is for developmentally challenged kids
Parents can register for this program at anytime but runs concurrent with the In-house schedule

The fee for registrants in T.O.P.S “The Outreach Program for Soccer” is a onetime payment of $30.00 to cover insurance and equipment for the Fall/Winter/Spring 2011/2012 Soccer calendar year.  Registration is conducted on-line at the website.  Fall registrants are covered for participation in the Indoor Winter and Outdoor Spring sessions.  The Wallingford Youth Soccer League (WYSL) is a volunteer run, non-profit organization.  Visit our website: WYSL.net for more league information, registration and field directions at http://www.wysl.net
The assistant coaches and I, along with our volunteer soccer “buddy” mentors try to make this an enjoyable experience focusing on fun, coordination development, soccer skill development, and small game play for kids having special needs.  The environment is fluid and flexible, depending upon the abilities and response of the participants.  Activities are broken up into approximately 10 minute segments, separated by water breaks.  Each activity is intended to reinforce and progressively develop - following directions and developing coordination, while having fun.  These activities are all centered around play & games using a soccer ball.   We welcome questions or suggestions.  Anyone wishing to register their child in the program, or volunteer as soccer buddy mentor, or volunteer in other ways to help the program should contact me at 203-269-9173.  We have an open and rolling enrollment with no cut-off dates.  New volunteers are also always welcome!
Thanks for your support,
“Coach Bill”