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The Travel Program - U11 & Up

  • After the U10 season, in house soccer is over
  • At the end of the U10 year, there will be player evaluations in the last week in June assisted by paid professional coaches on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-7:30 pm at East Center. (always confirm times with the league or coaches)
  • Players from the Developmental as well as any other age-appropriate kids are invited to tryout (known as Player Evaluations) for the Travel Comp teams.
  • Player Evaluations are run by a professional team of coaches with volunteer coaches.
  • Players trying out for the team are required to make at least 2 of the 3 tryout sessions
  • Players not interested in playing Comp can simply join the Rec program for which there are no tryouts. This is also a travel team.
  • Selections are made and notifications are sent out no later than the following Monday.
  • Coaches petition the Board of Directors for the position of Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager.
  • The Board makes it final decision immediately so the team can begin its move forward.
Travel Comp
  • Wallingford Soccer is able to populate each age group with age-appropriate kids
  • The teams are formed in 1 year age increments with all kids being age-appropriate.
  • The teams form at age U11 and typically practice twice a week with one practice typically being held by a professional coach. This is at the discretion of the coaching staff of each team.
  • Games are held on weekends with tournaments occurring during the season as well.
  • Each Travel Team participates in the Wallingford Soccer Tournament (TWIST) on the third weekend of August.
  • Each team competes in District play as well as State Cup play.
  • Coaches are encouraged to participate in league-sponsored Coaching education clinics.
  • The season runs from the 3rd weekend in August through the end of the final week in June.
  • Each travel team typically plays one indoor session over the Winter break.
Travel Recreation
  • Rec also begins at age U11 and is for players who want to continue playing after In-House and either does not want to play for or were not selected for the Comp team.
  • Rec teams are formed in two-year age increments meaning there is a U12 team (U11 & U12 combined)  and a U14 team (U13 & U14 combined) for each girl and boy.
  • There are no player evaluations held to join this team.
  • The coaches are volunteers who typically hold 1 practice during the week and play 1 or 2 games on the weekend.
  • The teams compete in District play and are eligible to participate at the end of the spring season in the Commissioners Cup weekend tournament.
  • Other tournaments may be entered at the desire of the coaching staff