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Important Information Regarding Age Divisions for TWIST.
  • TWIST offers 9 age divisions for both boys and girls.
  • Age eligibility is based on the USYSA age groupings listed below and on our approved USYSA Application to Host Tournament form. TWIST will be playing under the 2019/20 seasonal year age.  Please select the age you were during the Spring season
  • Remember that Connecticut does not change age groups until September 1.
  • TWIST registration age divisions are based on Spring 2020 age divisions.
TWIST 2020 
Age Divisions
Age Divisions Year of Birth
U-19 2003-2001
U-16 2004
U-15 2005
U-14 2006
U-13 2007
U-12 2008
U-11 2009
U-10 2010
U-9 2011