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 Rules & Regulations
All of the Tournament Games will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA unless modified herein. The following statements (Rules) supplement the Laws of the Game. These supplementary rules are a guide and are not detailed. Only the intent is being expressed.

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TWIST 2018 Rules Table of Contents

Rule I Eligibility 
Rule II Rosters and Player Passes
Rule III Number of Players (Note there is a change for U11)
Rule IV  Substitutions 
Rule V Conduct 
Rule VI Player Ejection and Caution 
Rule VII Position of Players/Spectators 
Rule VIII Forfeits 
Rule IX Qualifiers for Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final Rounds 
Rule X Player Uniforms and Equipment 
Rule XI Protests 
Rule XII Weather 
Rule XIII Ball Size and Game Duration 
Rule XIV Determination of Division Winners and Wild Cards 
Rule XV Ties 
Rule XVI Alcoholic Beverages 
Rule XVII Kick-off 
Rule XVIII Posted Scores 
Rule XIX Pets
Rule XX Smoking Prohibited
Rule XXI Grilling

Rule I – Eligibility

All players must play in the year of their age group classification or in a later year. Proof of birth date will be by US Soccer or Certified State Association player passes. In the U11-U16 divisions, three (3) guest players will be allowed on a team roster, providing they conform to the eligibility rules. No player is allowed to be registered with more than one team or to transfer from one team to another during the tournament. All teams and players must be properly registered and affiliated with their State or National Soccer Association..  Link to TWIST 2019 Age Divisions.

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Rule II – Rosters and Player Passes

Rosters and player passes for the current season (2018/2019) or for the upcoming season (2019/2020) will be accepted. Rosters will be held by tournament officials. Rosters must properly identify team coach(es) and/or manager. There will be no changes once a team has played its first game. If an ineligible player is used, that team shall automatically forfeit all games in which the ineligible player is used and be subject to disqualification from the tournament.

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Rule III – Number of Players

Each team may be composed of a maximum of 20 players. A game may not be started with fewer than seven properly uniformed players on each team. After the game is started, it may not continue with fewer than seven players. In the event a team cannot produce seven players or is reduced to less than seven players after the commencement of the game, it shall forfeit the game. A team shall have a five-minute leeway from the scheduled starting time to field a team before a forfeit will be declared. Forfeit score shall be 3-0.  U9 & U10 shall play 7 v 7 small sided; *U11 & U12 shall play 9 v 9 small sided; U13 – U16 shall play 11 v11. Note: Build Out Lines will be utilized for U9 & U10 games

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Rule IV – Substitutions 

Substitutions will be unlimited, but may only be made with the referee’s permission at the following times: 

  • Prior to a throw-in for either team.
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team.
  • After a goal has been scored.
  • When play has been stopped by the referee for any reason. (Both teams are allowed unlimited substitutions in this situation with the referee’s permission).
  • At half time.

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Rule V – Conduct

Players, coaches, managers, and team supporters are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the Law as well as the Letter of the Law. Displays of temper, dissent by word or action against an opponent or the referee are cause for ejection from the game.

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Rule VI – Player Ejection and Caution

Should a player be ejected from a game by the referee, the player shall be suspended for the remainder of the game and for at least the next game his or her team is scheduled to play. Referees will report all ejections. Gross misconduct may result in a larger suspension. Any player ejected for a second time shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Please note: two cautions in the same game are the equivalent of an ejection. Should a coach or team official be ejected from a game, the referee will report the incident to the Field Director. Ejected coaches, managers, etc. will be banned from the playing area for the balance of the game.

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Rule VII – Position of Players/Spectators

Each team’s players and spectators will, where possible, take a position on opposite sides of the field and will be asked to remain a minimum of three yards from the touch line. Spectators or players will not be permitted behind the goal line while the game is in progress.

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Rule VIII – Forfeits

A team will be allowed a five-minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off time for preliminary round games before the game is awarded to the opponent. (Please see Rule IX for playoff games). A minimum of seven players constitutes a team. Only if there are less than seven players, can a delay in the kick-off be allowed. A team forfeit, for any reason, shall be scored 3-0. Forfeiture of a game makes a team ineligible for the playoffs and any tournament trophies.

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Rule IX – Qualifiers for Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final Rounds

Teams qualifying for division quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals should be prepared to kick-off fifteen minutes before the scheduled game time. Kick-off times may be changed at the discretion of the tournament directors. In the event a team cannot field seven players within ten minutes following the scheduled kick-off time, the game shall be declared a forfeit.

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Rule X – Player Uniforms and Equipment

Teams must wear numbers on the backs of their shirts. Each player will have a different number and this number will coincide with the player’s name as shown on the team roster. In the event of team colors clashing, the home team, (the team listed first on the schedule), shall change colors. All player equipment is subject to the approval of the referee for each game. The tournament will supply all game balls.

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Rule XI – Protests

There will be no protests. The Rules and Regulations Committee of the tournament will act on rule violations as needed.  Three uniformed referees will be assigned in all full sided games for all divisions. The three-man system of control will be used. The referee is the sole arbitrator of the competition. His/Her duties and powers are specific. Decisions on point of fact connected with play shall be final, so far as the result of any game is concerned.

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Rule XII – Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee shall have the absolute authority to make changes as follows:

1. Relocate/reschedule any game

2. Change the duration of any game.

3. Cancel any preliminary game having no bearing on the outcome of the preliminary round.

4. Decide a game by kicks from the penalty spot if teams are currently tied 

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 Rule XIII – Ball Size and Game Duration

The ball size and game duration are as follows:

Division Half Duration Ball Size
U9 / U10 25 Minutes 4
U11 / U12 30 Minutes 4
U13 - U16 30 Minutes 5





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Rule XIV – Determination of Division Winners and Wildcards

In the qualifying rounds, three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a tie. Note: Forfeiture of a game makes a team ineligible for the playoffs.

At the end of the preliminary rounds, the division winners shall be those with the most points in their division, including cross-over games, if applicable. In the event of a tie, the following priority shall be utilized: 

  1. Most Wins
  2. Head to head*
  3. Goals against (maximum of three per game)
  4. Goals for (maximum of three per game)
  5. Number of shutouts
  6. Kicks from the penalty spot**

* In the event of a three-way tie, head to head will not be considered until the three-way tie is broken at which time the tie between the remaining two teams will be resolved starting with step one above, most wins.

** Kicks from the penalty spot will be held at the end of the second day of play.

The wildcard team will be the team from any division which, after the division winners have been determined, has the most points. In the event of a tie, the above listed priorities will be used except if the tie remains after step five, bonus points, the team from the larger division, if one exists, will be chosen. If not, step six, kicks from the spot, will be used.  For situations beyond the tournaments control i.e. play halted due to loss of daylight, and a tie still exists, the tournament directors shall determine the team qualifying for the playoffs.

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Rule XV – Ties

In the preliminary rounds, ties will not be broken.  In the playoffs, ties will be broken as follows:

  • Two full ten minute overtime periods will be played to completion.
  • If the game remains tied at the conclusion of the overtime periods, kicks from the penalty spot shall be taken in accordance with FIFA to determine a winner.
  • If such kicks are to be taken, only the players on the field when the second overtime period ends are eligible to take the kicks. These players shall stay on the field when the overtime ends, and substitutes shall remain on the touch line.
  • The referee shall choose the goal at which the kicks will be taken. The referee will toss a coin and the team winning the toss shall kick first.
  • Both teams shall take five (5) kicks.
  • Kicks shall be taken alternately.
  • If after both teams have taken five kicks, both teams have scored the same number of goals, the kicks shall continue from among the remaining eligible players. Teams shall take one kick each until one team has a one goal lead after an equal number of kicks. No player may be substituted during the taking of these kicks, except in the case of a goalkeeper being injured during the taking of the kicks.

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Rule XVI – Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on any fields, sidelines, or parking lots. Violators will be asked to leave the tournament by the field marshals or the police. 

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Rule XVII – Kick-off

The home team will take the kick-off and the visiting team will choose side of field.

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Rule XVIII – Posted Scores

There will be a three goal differential posted on the scoreboards & online. Actual scores will be posted at the tournament headquarters. 

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Rule XIX – Pets
Any pets in attendance at any of the complexes must be leashed.

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Rule XX - Smoking Prohibited

Smoking is prohibited at all - including sidelines and parking areas.

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Rule XXI - Grilling

Grilling is prohibited.